The Magic School Bus In The Haunted Museum

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House full of strange sounds; download; books that scream, whisper and laugh; strange glasses which enable you to see sound waves. The Magic School Bus In The Haunted Museum PDF EBook..such things do not happen on the ordinary day, but may happen if you are a pupil in Ms. Frizzle’s class. This teacher takes her class on various trips in the magic school bus and these journeys are described in a series of books called “The Magic School Bus”; series that present scientific facts in an engaging and memorable way.

In this story children got to the strange house, which happened to be a sound museum and discovered lots of important facts about the sound, such as how it begins. They also explored various instruments and gave a concert. What is worth mentioning is the fact that besides the main narrative this book involves dialogue between children which make it even more enjoyable.

This story can be used during various lessons. It can constitute an introduction to the science sessions about the sound or may be implemented during music lessons as it presents a wide range of musical instruments. Moreover, it gives opportunities to involve children in creating music as they can add sound effects while the adult is reading; for example when it is written that there were "spooky sounds" around or the books were making various sounds. In addition, it can be successfully used during story time as it contains entertaining action and colourful, appealing illustrations.
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