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This collection of five plays by Chekhov makes me hungry to read his short stories now. The Major Plays PDF EBook I think that Chekhov's playwriting style can best be summarized in his own words: "Let the things that happen on stage be just as complex and yet just as simple as they are in life. For instance, people are having a meal, just having a meal, but at the same time their happiness is being created, or their lives are being smashed up." How very true — for us all! Part of the beauty of Chekhov's playwriting is his ability to reveal the magical in the mundane.

"Ivanov" is a tragic play about a depressed man who has fallen out of love with his wife (if ever they were in love), and into the arms of the twenty- PDFyear old Sasha. Seeking happiness and new opportunities, after his wife's death, on the day of his wedding to Sasha, Ivanov finds life still meaningless, leading him to take (or at least attempt to take) his own life.

"The Sea Gull" tells a more comedic tragic tale, filled with characters whose lives are relatively blessed, though they create their own miseries. The story's ending is just as tragic as the ending of "Ivanov," however, with Treplev (always unable to live up to his mother's expectations) ultimately taking his own life, as the lives of the others carry on, soon to change in some way forever.

All of Chekhov's plays, even the comedies, have tragic elements: the shared misery of Sonya and Uncle Vanya in "Uncle Vanya"; download; the terrifyingly uncertain future faced by Olga, Irina and Masha in "The Three Sisters"; and the uncertain future and the forever gone past and youth of Lyubov Andreyevna in "The Cherry Orchard."

In all, the plays are beautiful yet tragic, and many of the monologues are deeply philosophical and certainly very memorable, particularly in "The Three Sisters," via the dialogue between Vershinin and Tuzenbach.

The symbolism in each play — the estate in "Uncle Vanya," the seagull in "The Seagull," the trees that are to fall to Natasha's cruelness in "The Three Sisters" and the cherry orchard in "The Cherry Orchard" — are also very wonderful.

The only negative criticism I have is that it is often difficult keeping track of who's who as the play unfolds, but this is perhaps due to a cultural barrier. The use of formal patronymic names and diminutive forms of the name, and so on, was difficult to keep track of, causing me to frequently have to flip back to the list of characters at the beginning of each play. And on more of a humorous note, I found it funny that Chekhov seemed to include a doctor in most of his plays, perhaps due to his own medical background.

In sum, beautiful, tragic, and sometimes comedic, mixing the magical and the mundane like few others before him. Like this book? Read online this: Tragic Magic (A Scrapbooking Mystery, #7), The Major.

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