The Making of the Great Communicator

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I received this book for free from goodreads giveaways. The Making of the Great Communicator PDF EBook

I didn't sign up to get this particular book so I believe there was a mix- PDFup at the publisher's mailing house.I am glad.I was born in '74 and there were a couple of presidents before Reagan in my lifetime but for some reason Reagan is the first president I remember.There was a lot going on in that time and from my memory (notice I am judging by my memory and not by the history books) Reagan handled things quite well.I was a young man and life was innocent and carefree.(As far as I knew anyway.)This book introduced me to a Reagan I never knew existed.This book is about the B actor who couldn't land a leading role but landed himself in the governor's seat in California.This is about the road that got him started towards the White House.This was a great read, not boring me with facts but giving me enough so I could follow the thoughts and intents of the time.Holden does a wonderful job of introducing us to the human side of Reagan - jokes and all.This book also introduces us to new ideas and philosophies concerning everyday life.Holden was on the ground level of a new science that was getting ready to take off...Psychology.Little did Holden and Plog realize that the ideas they were using in the 60's would be used in the presidential election in the 2000's.Just a really solid book.I enjoyed it greatly. Like this book? Read online this: Regulation and the Reagan Era, Making of the West Volume 2 Online Study Guide for the Making of the.

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