The Man Born to Be King

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(12 radio plays dramatizing the life of Christ, originally on the BBC in the 1940s?)

My small group is reading this aloud together (just finished play #5) and it's been interesting food for discussion—and a lot of fun. The Man Born to Be King PDF EBook Sayers applies her usual wit, humor, insight, and imagination to exploring what these characters in the gospels might have been like, what the political climate was at the time, how these stories we get glimpses of might have looked up close. With a little British twist.

We have all been drawn to, fascinated by, her portrayal of Judas. She makes him an extremely appealing person—he's the person you most want to be, and you have to keep reminding yourself he's the person you least want to be. None of the other disciples—a somewhat bumbling, motley crew—comes close to Judas in intelligence and understanding; download; none of the others are anywhere near as capable or articulate. Sayers gives Judas large measures of wisdom, depth, insight, courage, and passion—and just enough human weakness to worm its way in and twist those things in the wrong direction... In her notes, Sayers describes him as having the greatest potential—and therefore being the greatest risk. It's very interesting—and very unsettling.
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