The Man Who Got Away

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Filled with numerous descriptions of crimes, the book lacked a central focus, and failed to provide sufficient characterization of its central character, George Moran. The Man Who Got Away PDF EBook Particularly lacking was a clear accounting of Moran as the leader of the North Side gang post Obanion; download; the vignettes were too disparate. The book seemed to be excellently researched, but also seemed like a collection of the author's research without focus. The beginning provided something of Moran's (born Cunin) early years, and the ending was decent as an accounting of the end of Moran's career. Unfortunately, the main body of this work did not provide a central storyline. Based on research, the book may deserve five stars, but it failed as an enjoyable read. Like this book? Read online this: Historical Atlas of Central Europe (History of East Central Europe, Vol. 1), I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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