The Man Who Missed the War (Lost World, #3)

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10 Sep 1937 - PDF 6 Jun 1944
Philip Vaudell leaves the United States on a solitary raft. The Man Who Missed the War (Lost World, #3) PDF EBookInstead of drifting into European waters, he is carried down to the Antarctic where, amidst its eternal snows, he discovers a large area with a warm climate and populated by a lost race who still practise human sacrifice.

With Philip was the other real trouble – in the enticing shape of red-headed Gloria, who had stowed away on his raft.Together they encounter perils in the true Wheatley tradition of adventure, rising to a terrific and truly satisfying climax.

(At a time when German submarines were sinking so much Allied shipping that Britain faced the danger of starvation, Dennis Wheatley – then a member of the War Cabinet's Joint Planning Staff – suggested that raft convoys, moved by the Gulf Stream and prevailing winds, should be used to float essential supplies across the Atlantic. This story is based on that idea.) Like this book? Read online this: A Yellow Raft in Blue Water, The Lost World & Other Stories.

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