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The Marriage Proposal by Anton Chekhov

I listened to the play, in which the greatest Romanian actor- PDF George Constantin plays the role of the father and this made my day. The Marriage Proposal PDF EBook
I am in the search for an optimal reading plan and experience. Instead of reading books that do not provide me with the best positive emotions and pleasure, even if they have been listed among the best, I should read the works that are both meaningful and enjoyable, from my point of view.
For a few months I have been struggling with the Man Without Qualities which does not appeal to me, even if it is considered to be one of the best books ever, although my method is to read from a variety of books, each and every single day. Sadly, it is also the case with Ulysses, which is for many the very best book ever.
On the other hand, there are diamonds, like this short work of Chekhov, which are both appreciated by the scholars and pleasurable to me and so I end up with the best of both worlds.
This is an ideal work from my perspective: comic, likeable, satirical and meaningful, although short.

Perhaps Chekhov was the best at this art of introducing a whole world of sensations, description, psychology, messages and morale in a short and rounded, beautiful package. I have read recently about John Cheever, another giant of (modern this time) Literature that he was called The Chekhov of American Short Stories… in other words, Chekhov has such a magnitude than another peak of the art of storytelling is somehow named after him.

In The Marriage Proposal we have borzois, I think. This is another reason for this tale to stay with me. The main characters argue over which of the hounds is better. Paradoxically, the only three people in the play argue repeatedly, even if Lomov begins with the Marriage Proposal from the title, and later repeats the request, amid quarrels, heart trouble and bitter disputes over land, possessions and…dogs.

This story brought to my mind the situation in the Ukraine, where the Russians want to grab ever more territory, after they had already occupied the Crimea. The situation is tense, but funny in the saga, as opposed to the one to the North of my country, which is descending into civil war, with the participation and evil presence of Putin’s Russia.
Listening to The Marriage Proposal was made a great Joy by the acting of George Constantin, the greatest actor I had the pleasure to admire on stage and in radio plays. A wonderful man, whose presence radiated power, humor and terror at the same time, the whole range of emotions as a matter of fact.
He was a Magician and an n actor with an aura. I do not believe in the supernatural, ubermensch…but George Constantin was in a category apart from the rest of the world.
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