The Me Nobody Knew

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the me nobody knew
Shannon McLinden
First Avenue Editions, an imprint of Lerner Publishing, 1998, 140 pages, $5. The Me Nobody Knew PDF EBook95
Non- PDFfiction, Self-esteem, Depression, Teenage Girls, Achievement, Adolescents
ISBN # 0822526883

Shannon is a 13-year-old girl who is suffering with depression, eating disorders, social inequality, and everything else that could be problematic for a teenage girl. She almost attempts suicide and engages in other self-destructive behaviors. She alienates herself from her family. She sees that her actions are hurting herself and others, but she is so dissatisfied with her life that she does not care. One day she wakes up and decides to be more positive. This doesn’t work out for long. Then later after a huge party night of smokes and drinks she decides she must fix her life. She changes her attitudes, behaviors, friends, and familial relationships to improve her life.
This text may be too much for students as young as 13, and older students may not want to read because it is about a 13-year-old. I would recommend this text to students in some cases.

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