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This book is an entertaining and enlightening look at modern zoos, as well as their historical equivalents. The Modern Ark PDF EBook However, Croke seems not quite to have made up her mind how she, personally, feels about zoos. This is fine in that I think most people have mixed opinions. However, she never explores this confusion, leaving us with a fragmented view of her personality. In one chapter, she will emphasize that truly naturalistic, complex habitats are absolutely vital to happy, healthy social animals. And with the next breath she tells a heart- PDFwarming story of a male gorilla and his daughter playing together in a bare cement cell. Had she noted, even with one sentence this discrepancy, (possibly about it being impossible to predict the behavior of wild animals) it would have been a complex and poignant point. Instead she leaves the reader confused as to what message she is to take away from this chapter.

The book also suffers from a somewhat under-developed organizational scheme, which confused me quite a lot. Or perhaps it's extremely well organized and I just never caught on. Croke also has a habit of introducing a character, not mentioning them for pages and then referring to them by just their surname, without any context or affiliation, leaving the reader to flip back through the page to figure out who she's talking about. ("Shanti the elephant? Is that OUR Shanti? How common an elephant name IS Shanti?")

Despite its weaknesses, though, the last two chapters of the book, wherein Croke lays out the "Zoo of the Future" is worth the entire book. I highly recommend at least this section to anyone thinking about the role and design of zoos. Like this book? Read online this: Shanti the Grass-eating Lion, Modern.

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