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In this work Hazrat Inayat Khan explores the theme of music as life. The Music of Life PDF EBook Music is not limited to one aspect of life; download; according to the author, it is life – a universal pervasive force that is the key to understanding the world around us and our role in it. The author talks about the sound of the abstract, which is referred to in the Vedas as anahad or unlimited sound. The same concept is known to Sufis as saut- PDFe sarmad, which refers to intoxication. Experiencing this sound is uplifting and frees the soul from its earthly ties. Those who hear this abstract sound and meditate on it are said to be carefree, released from negative aspects of life such as sorrow and disease. To assist the auditory experience, yogis blow a sing (horn) or shankha (shell). These instruments produce something akin to saut-e sarmad and facilitate a spiritual awakening. Sacred sound leads listeners towards their inner life, as developed by ten aspects through ten tubes of the body. The most sacred of all sounds is hu, the beginning and the end, which is also the true name of God.

“The Music of Life” not only discusses sacred music, it explains how all music is sacred when used in its truest form, embracing all five of its aspects: popular (physical), technical (intellectual), artistic (sensual), appealing (emotional), and uplifting (spiritual). Music is more than harmonious sound; it is everywhere and in everything. All of nature is music, which was the earliest form of expression. It predates human language and is still evident in the languages of the world, where pitch, tone, and rhythm indicate meaning. Music is the source of creation and depicts the Beloved. Music is not merely a tool of religion, it is a universal religion, the food of the soul, and the source of spiritual perfection.

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