The Mystic Foundation

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The sheer number of mystical traditions in the world can be overwhelming to seekers new to the metaphysical world. The Mystic Foundation PDF EBook Summing up the universal truths underlying many mystic institutions, The Mystic Foundation is an initial step toward understanding the wisdom of each.

This nondogmatic primer outlines the mystical teachings of Paganism, Christianity, Islam, and other spiritualities spanning Eastern and Western traditions. Penczak transforms complex subjects and ideas—such as the powers of creation, life forces, elements, the world beyond, spirit entities, sacred space and time, magick, and metaphysical skills- PDFinto easy-to-understand concepts. Each chapter features exercises-including meditation, aura cleansing, chakra balancing, and psychic travel-to help seekers "go within" and ground themselves in a variety of mystic beliefs. By the end of the book, readers will have a solid foundation in mysticism for choosing a path of their own.

Praise: "Those looking to broaden their spiritual perspective will be well-served by this highly accessible primer."—Publishers Weekly Like this book? Read online this: Wisdom of the Mystic Masters, Foundation.

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