The Mystic Mullah (Doc Savage #9)

PDF EBook by Kenneth Robeson

EBook Description

Two mysterious strangers from the fabled Asian Kingdom of Tanan arrive in New York City, hunted by an army of assassins and their unearthly leader: the Mystic Mullah! Seeking Doc Savage's aid from this supernatural menace plunges all of Doc Savage's assistants into the fight of their lives on a fog bound Manhattan night from hell. The Mystic Mullah (Doc Savage #9) PDF EBook

Can even the protean genius and uncanny abilities of Doc Savage deliver them all from evil and fight a spectral foe who claims to have never died and who can command an unbeatable army of green soul slaves?

It's action packed adventure in the finest tradition of the 1930s pulp magazines. Time has not dimmed this magnificent adventure of the man of bronze: Doc Savage. Like this book? Read online this: Savage Whispers (Savage Secrets, #4), Savage Sunrise (Savage Secrets, #11).

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