The Mythology Bible

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The world's most fascinating gods and goddesses come to life in the pages of this beautifully illustrated book. The Mythology Bible PDF EBook "The Mythology Bible" explores the powerful figures that have compelled us for millennia—including Indra, god of thunder in India's Rig Vedas; download; Thor, the merciless Nordic giant- PDFslayer; and Mawu-Lisa, whom the African Fon people associate with fertility and compassion. Discover, too, the enduring themes that loom large in the myths of almost every culture: creation and the cosmos, beasts and monsters, death and the underworld, love and heroism.Filled with photographs and pictures, this volume is as attractive as it is readable. Like this book? Read online this: Tourists and Other Monsters (Slayer of Evil (Slayer of Evil (Prices Negotiable) Book 11), The Saga Begins (Bible Log: Through The Bible Series, Genesis Thru Ruth, Vol 1).

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