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- PDF Book Synopsis -

Meera knows a jerk when she meets one because almost every guy she’s ever dated has been just that. When Luca, the new neighbor moves in next door she can sense this guy is just like the others so she does her best to keep away from him. What she doesn’t know is that her on again off again boyfriend Jason is best friends with Luca and has been for years. When Jason takes Meera to his best friend’s housewarming party she is just as shocked as Luca is to learn of the connection.

Luca introduced himself quickly to his new neighbor but was received with a nonchalant attitude. He though Meera attractive instantly but didn’t make it known. He found himself wanting her as he saw her off and on throughout the week.

When he was hosting his house warming party she was the last face he expected to see. Turns out his best friend had been dating his next door neighbor. Because he knew how much of a non committal person Jason was he felt bad for her. When she disappeared from the party he searched for her and an intimate encounter changed the dynamic between them both. Was it just a one time act or would he chase after his best friend’s girlfriend?

- End of Book Synopsis -

Now please don't expect some table-thumping blockbuster that will end up unread and gathering dust on your virtual bookshelf – this is a sizzling erotic short story that will have you flipping over the pages in feverish anticipation.

WARNING: This story is intended for ADULT female readers 18 years of age or older. It contains explicit language and graphic sexual content. Like this book? Read online this: Strong Female Protagonist Book One, Hello Neighbor.

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