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As with the Longman anthology I just reviewed the other day, I haven't read all of the plays in this anthology, but I read the introductory materials. The Norton Anthology of Drama PDF EBook What the Norton anthology is really good about is providing a thorough overview of historical trends in world drama—their introductory material focuses principally on overviewing every major historical/cultural period that had an impact on dramatic style and performance, considering issues like cultural influences, relationships to earlier forms of drama, performance concerns and so on.

But in terms of my project, the thing I'm most impressed by is the "Reading Drama, Imagining Theater" section, which closes the introduction. This section comes really close to doing what I am advocating, by exploring performance as a crucial epistemology related to understanding drama as "fundamentally incomplete, suspended between possible realizations" (84). Although the "Imagining Theater" section is very short, and still focuses on critical reading strategies, it does push students to do things like consider production choices or (this is closer to what I'm advocating) read plays aloud, possibly with a partner, to get the aural experience of the words and the sounds of the language, rather than just reading silently. This gets students closer to a kind of embodied epistemology, a knowing of the text through the experience of it. Like this book? Read online this: Black Drama Anthology, The Norton Anthology of World Religions.

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