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For me this book is a classic and a must read. The Old Man and the Boy PDF EBook It's one of a few books that I routinely give away, not as a gift but just because "You haven't read it?! Here, take this home."

Robert Ruark story of growing up in the Southport area of NC puts him in my neck of the woods. His stories of growing up, wisdom shared, and often times earned the hard way, are what anyone, especially any boy should be blessed with growing up. These aren't stories on hunting and fishing, these are stories on what hunting and fishing, and living amongst the "salt of the earth" people will do to shape you into a man.

As an example, as a father of two, I am often troubled on how to lead by example, especially when my example might not be the one I'd pick. Take the occasional four letter word that escapes my mouth (insert smashed thumb and a hammer spinning into the cosmos). How do I discipline my child for doing what he/she probably learned from me. It's handled perfectly in this book. After an outburst by the boy, "Dammit, it's my gun. It ain't your gun." because the old man took his new gun away from him, the old man says "You ain't old enough to cuss yet. Cussing is a prerogative for adults. You got to earn the right to cuss, like you got to earn the right to do most things. Cussing is for emphasis. When every other word is a swear word it just gets to be dull and don't mean anything anymore." The intent is, ok, there is going to be cussing, but it has a time and a place and until you learn when that is and when that isn't, you aren't telling everybody how grown up you are by cussing (what it feels like at 13), you're telling them how juvenile or how ignorant you are so don't embarrass yourself. This is opposed to what I'd call the mom's view of cussing. "I'll wash your mouth out with soap!" Making it bad just makes the kid want to do it more. Making it a responsibility, from an adult who is respected and practices what he preaches is something that sticks with a kid. I know it did with me when I was growing up.

This book isn't for everyone, but I haven't met many people I couldn't recommend it to so I'm recommending it to you.
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