The Old Man at the Railroad Crossing

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Written between 1957 and 1966, these short stories are remarkably different from what one might expect from William Maxwell. The Old Man at the Railroad Crossing PDF EBook Maxwell's novels, often focusing on the emotional lives of young men, are highly realistic, internal investigations wherein the smallest shades of emotion are examined with precision and care. The stories in this book are, by contrast, almost flights of fancy - PDF folktales and fables that have no firm setting in time or place, and the "truth" these stories try to get at is illuminated more by circumstances than by feeling. There are morals to these stories, but often they are not the morals you would expect. Sometimes you are left with the sensation of being told a truth that you can not define.
The power these stories have may well come from some sort of primal source Maxwell tapped into while writing them. In his own words, "I didn't so much write them as do my best to keep out of the way of their writing themselves". The result is a collection of stories that the reader will be an active participant in the creation of meaning. I can not imagine anybody not finding a story in this collection that they would feel had been written specifically for them, and I would particularly recommend it to those who are cynical about the practical value of fiction.

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