The Original 21 Rules of This House

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It has been pointed out to me on many occasions that I was & download; am an old- PDFfashioned type mother. The Original 21 Rules of This House PDF EBook I was out of step with current thinking when my children were little some 25 years ago so I am very out of step now. With this caveat I say I really liked this program. It really is a program rather than just a book, there are visual aids for your household & children and it is meant to be used not just read. The rules are biblically based but sound for everyone whether they are old testament, new testament, or no testament folks. If you would like to have well-behaved children who understand why we all (the rules apply to Mom & Dad as well) must be kind & thoughtful to one another then get this book.
The pictures are not very artistically rendered but otherwise a worthwhile purchase. Like this book? Read online this: Children's Book (How to Build Self Confidence & Self-Esteem in children's books for ages 2-8) (Interpersonal Skills for Leadership in Kids Collection), Straw House, Stick House, Brick House, Slaughter House.

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