The Origins of Knowledge and Imagination

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The best summary of The Origins of Knowledge and Imagination (1978) by Jacob Bronowski is probably from the dust jacket flap:

In this [book] Jacob Bronowski … presents a succinct introduction to the state of modern thinking about the role of science in man’s intellectual and moral life. The Origins of Knowledge and Imagination PDF EBook Weaving together themes from ethnology, linguistics, philosophy, and physics, he confronts the questions of who we are, what we are, and how we relate to the universe around us.

Bronowski comes across as a talented thinker and writer in the book. He provides very clear examples of the more complex topics that allow you to follow along with his train of thought. There is a meandering to the text, though, so that some topics veer off into other areas for lengthy and often too detailed discussions (this was originally a series of lectures, though, where the sidebars may have been more effective).

Bronowski tries very hard to tie aspects of human psychology to the more rigid structure of other sciences like physics, but that is where he is least convincing in his arguments. For example, there is an analogy of compressing gas in a chamber to the psychological response of saying “Butter” to the word “Bread.” Bronowski argues that the mind is like the compressed gas because “… the nature of the connections inside must be such that when there is input, there is an enormous amount of cross- PDFreference as the result of which there is a certain output. And it is usually the same output.”

The general take-away from the book is: (1) man is a “special” kind of animal because of our imagination and language abilities, (2) man’s senses, developed over millennia by evolution, inform and limit our ability to interpret the world around us, (3) science is simply a structure form of language, with similar rules and requirements, but it allows us to have greater insight into the world. Like this book? Read online this: Moonbeak and Jacob Adventure Book 1-Sunny's First Flight (Children's Book Age 4 to 8), Imagination.

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