The Oyster Heart

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Diamond has grown up on a farm in a loving interracial family that embodies classic virtues of faith, hard work, and courage. The Oyster Heart PDF EBook During the summer she is 14, she meets 21 year- PDFold Eli and his younger brother Jesse, when they come to work at her parents' farm. The forbidden nature of her deepening relationship with Eli causes him to dismiss their feelings, which pushes her to do something they both regret. Her best friend betrays her confidence, and she believes the heroic thing to do is to remove the stain from her family by running away. Her older world-wise cousin takes her in many miles from home, and she assumes an identity far removed from the farm girl she used to be.

That summer with Diamond gnaws at Eli for a long time, and when he learns of her difficulties, he feels responsible for her. But inevitably, he has to release her as he advances into the medical profession and settles into marriage. By the time she injects herself into his world again, she's in bigger trouble and he has darker scars. Like this book? Read online this: From Work-Family Balance to Work-Family Interaction, My Little Oyster Girl.

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