The Paleo Diet for Athletes

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Fuel Your Body for Optimal Athletic Performance with the Foods Your Body Was Designed to Eat

From acclaimed nutritionist and creator of The Paleo Diet, Loren Cordain, and USA triathlon and cycling elite coach Joe Friel comes this revised and updated edition of The Paleo Diet for Athletes—the ultimate guide to enhancing health and athletic performance using the diet principles of our Stone Age ancestors. The Paleo Diet for Athletes PDF EBook For decades, coaches, athletes, and sports scientists have advocated loading up on carbohydrates and supplementing diets with commercial products to enhance athletic performance—a trend that has caused a detrimental shift away from the quality, fresh foods that truly aid an athlete's ability to compete at the highest levels and achieve personal athletic goals.

The Paleo Diet for Athletes offers a proven program that incorporates all the essential nutrients from a variety of foods athletes need for total body health. By studying the diets of both our ancestors and today's top athletes, Cordain and Friel show how runners, cyclists, swimmers, triathletes, and endurance athletes can make simple changes to their diets for big results.

With new, cutting- PDFedge information on hydration, recovery from fatigue, and the comparative nutritional values of meats, fish, eggs, and plant foods, The Paleo Diet for Athletes gives special guidelines for what to eat before, during, and after a workout or competition along with more than 80 simple, delicious recipes packed with power and wholesome ingredients. Like this book? Read online this: My Dark Highlander (Kilted Athletes Through Time Book 2), The Paleo Diet Simplified.

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