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While the core story of Arthur, Guinevere and Camelot is the same, there are variations as this book proves. The Pendragon PDF EBook It is well- PDFpaced and elegantly written with characters who seem real.
The tale is told by Bedivere, Arthur's friend from childhood and his constant companion, confidant and self-appointed protector.
There are some surprises in what we traditionally think of as the Camelot legend, and this is a more gentle telling in many ways.

Quotes: Bedivere: "I was not happy. I had never known loneliness before, so I did not recognize the heaviness of it, but blamed the dark forest, and wished, through a mist of discomfort and weariness that we were riding back towards home, and not, as it seemed to me, half, a world away from it."

Bedivere: "Much has been sung by harpers of Arthur's sword, Excalibur, Next to the Grail itself it will live for ever in song as one of the Chief Hallows of Britain. Bards tell how its hilt flashed with jewels and the blade glimmered with runes, wrought in gold. I Bedivere, who saw its final tempering, know these tales are folly. No soldier who knows his trade would choose such as weapon for use in a day-long battle. For parade, perhaps. Not for us. No, Excalibur was of an altogether different quality - one of those rarest swords only our Outland smiths know the secret of making - a sword forged from metal that does not grow on earth, but falls out of the infinite distance of the sky, when a star dies. The iron that, if it takes the third forging and does not shatter at cooling, turns darkly blue as the sky of midnight and has a strength and a temper to it that no other metal will blunt or bend in the striking."

Merlin: "Three things no man can rule: the flight of the wind; download; the rise of the tide; and the fate written in his stars."

Merlin: "No ocean is deep enough to drown a man's appointed destiny. This life or another, we must face the enemy we left behind us."
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