The Persian Empire

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Audio download, 24 30 minute lectures (heavily supplemented with online material). The Persian Empire PDF EBook
This interesting lecture series provides a different point of view of the history of the Achaemenid Empire (roughly 550 to 330 BCE), often attempting to draw from sources other than the usual suspects (e.g. Herodotus & download; Plutarch).Characteristically (?) these sources appear to be much kinder to the 'Great Kings', down playing the (traditional?) brutality and emphasizing the kinder, gentler side (gardeners?Really?)

Dr. Lee presents in a clear and measured fashion, obviously integrating visuals into his presentation (since I was listening to the audio version I had to those of you on a treadmill or driving this might create a challenge.Apparently other reviewers' compliments about the visuals suggest that the video versions might be better).By following online, I was not only able to visit those cities Lee noted on his travelogue, but I was able to get a bit more dialogue about the characters who built them and lived there.It took a bit longer, but it made the 'compare and contrast' aspect of the course that much more interesting.

Good course (I intend to follow it up with 'Greek and Persian Wars' and ...just for grins, 'Peloponnesian War')...and, it's a great bargain when you can get it for less than $1/lecture Like this book? Read online this: Great Gorilla Grins, The Persian Gulf.

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