The Phantom Prince

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I had been waiting months to read this book. The Phantom Prince PDF EBook I gave up on it after seeing it going for a minimum of $180 on amazon. I've always loved researching Ted Bundy and have always found him fascinating so on a random wish of luck I searched Ebay and won it for $80! Expensive, but nothing compared to the $180+. I tore open the package as soon as it arrived and spent all day reading it cover to cover. It was absolutely amazing. It made me feel bad for Ted. While what he did was horrible and the victims deserved their justice, I wished to save him from jail and execution. I cannot imagine what it was like for Liz. I truly sympathized with her and connected deeply with Ted's charming, smooth talking alter ego. He really did seem like a dream man. I felt as though I was being played by Ted just from reading the book! I felt bad for him, and I felt bad that I felt bad. I keep wanting to read this book over and over searching for the same answers that Liz Kendall was searching for years ago. How did this man come to kill? Was he a good guy, overcome by his evil feelings? Or was he a manipulative psychopathic cold blooded killer? I've come to think that he was both and this book left me with more questions than questions answered. It made me laugh, cry, and everything in between. This is a great book, and is guaranteed to touch you. Like this book? Read online this: Wee Felt Worlds, The Phantom.

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