The Philosophy of Law in Historical Perspective

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I think to have appreciated this book fully I would need to have an advanced understanding of philosophy in general and specifically the philosophy of history and law. The Philosophy of Law in Historical Perspective PDF EBook That being said, it is packed with interesting thought that deserves discussion. It seems as though most philosophy of law is based on the autonomy of man. Seeing the wide variation of legal systems, from authoritarianism to monarchical and parliamentary systems down to constitutional law, that then come out of that basic premise is revealing. This ideal man, changing through history and culture, leaves no standard by which man can be judged. The back door that must then be left open is an appeal to natural law, which in a pervasive Kantian system, can be argued as an organic law left for interpretation.

All of this removes the wonder at the current absurdity of the legal system. It is, in fact, built into the system. Friedrich admits as much, but can't find an escape without baseless assumptions and appeals rightness without foundation. The story of legal development even, God help me for saying this, lends credence to our Theonomist friends who at least have an immutable foundation. Like this book? Read online this: Philosophy of law and legal theory , The Social Survey in Historical Perspective, 1880 1940.

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