The Philosophy of the Christian Curriculum

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The Christian School represents a break with humanistic education, but, too often, in leaving the state school, the Christian educator has carried the state s humanism with him. The Philosophy of the Christian Curriculum PDF EBook

A curriculum is not neutral; download; it is either a course in humanism or training in a God- PDFcentered faith and life. The liberal arts curriculum means literally that course which trains students in the arts of freedom. This raises the key question: is freedom in and of man or Christ? The Christian art of freedom, that is, the Christian liberal arts curriculum, is emphatically not the same as the humanistic one. It is urgently necessary for Christian educators to rethink the meaning and nature of the curriculum.

In this study Rousas John Rushdoony develops the philosophy of the Christian curriculum. It is the pioneering study in this field, and it is important reading for all Christian educators.

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