The Philosophy of the Daodejing

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For centuries, the ancient Chinese philosophical text the "Daodejing (Tao Te Ching)" has fascinated and frustrated its readers. The Philosophy of the Daodejing PDF EBook While it offers a wealth of rich philosophical insights concerning the cultivation of one's body and attaining one's proper place within nature and the cosmos, its teachings and structure can be enigmatic and obscure.

Hans- PDFGeorg Moeller presents a clear and coherent description and analysis of this vaguely understood Chinese classic. He explores the recurring images and ideas that shape the work and offers a variety of useful approaches to understanding and appreciating this canonical text. Moeller expounds on the core philosophical issues addressed in the "Daodejing," clarifying such crucial concepts as Yin and Yang and Dao and De. He explains its teachings on a variety of subjects, including sexuality, ethics, desire, cosmology, human nature, the emotions, time, death, and the death penalty. The "Daodejing" also offers a distinctive ideal of social order and political leadership and presents a philosophy of war and peace.

An illuminating exploration, The "Daodejing" is an interesting foil to the philosophical outlook of Western humanism and contains surprising parallels between its teachings and nontraditional contemporary philosophies. Like this book? Read online this: Drafts for the Essay Concerning Human Understanding & other Philosophical Writings 1, Karl Jaspers on Philosophy of History and History of Philosophy.

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