The Phoenix Principle

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Who was Jesus? It is a question that has been asked and answered many times and in many ways throughout history. The Phoenix Principle PDF EBook But in order to even begin addressing this question, the person of Jesus must be placed in historical and mythical context. Once this is done, some truly shocking answers emerge. Here is a man who was intent upon establishing the kingdom of God on earth in his own lifetime, a revolutionary leader with training in the mystical traditions of Egypt who would settle for nothing less than following in the footsteps of King Solomon, the pharaohs and the gods themselves. The latest work from Stifyn Emrys examines not only Jesus but figures ranging from King Arthur to Moses, from Robin Hood to the Queen of Sheba. It provides a comprehensive look at a ritual tradition that spanned oceans and continents, centuries and millennia. Classical myths, historical accounts and faerie tales are mined to reveal the universal theme behind them: the principle of regeneration. This is the essence of the Phoenix Principle. It is nothing less than the tradition that supported ancient kings in their kingdoms, preserved bloodlines through the ages and gave birth to modern western religion. It linked monarchs to their land and guided the epic struggle between the king and his chosen successor - PDF between wizard and knight, between sun and shadow. Journey back to the Garden of Eden, then forward with Gilgamesh and to the mystical isle of Dilmun, with Jason and his crew on the Argo, with Mary Magdalene to the garden tomb and with Arthur's knights in search of the Holy Grail. Much of what you uncover along the way will be surprising; download; some things may even be disturbing. Those who enjoyed Sir James Frazer's "Golden Bough" will find much of interest in the tapestry of myth, political intrigue and pagan ritual woven together in "The Phoenix Principle." Like this book? Read online this: Legends of King Arthur Through the Ages, The Power Principle.

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