The Pig in the Pantry

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Have you ever read a website column or blog and thought, “THIS would make a great book?”The Pig in the Pantry and Other Homeschool Tales, written by Rose Godfrey, is exactly such a book. The Pig in the Pantry PDF EBook The book is based on Godfrey’s homeschooling column, Learning at Home.

As a collection of essays derived from an online column, the topics within each theme are varied and don’t follow the regular flow of most books.For me, this caused The Pig in the Pantry to be a book that I picked up and read a section or two at a time during my busy day rather than reading the book or themes all the way through in a short amount of time.Because I only have snatches of time to read for myself, I found this to be a benefit of the book rather than a detraction.The Pig in the Pantry packs the largest amount of punch possible into short, concise, easy- PDFto-read sections.There is certain to be something in this book for every homeschool parent to enjoy. (from a review at Like this book? Read online this: You Can Read a Face Like a Book, Fresh Pantry.

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