The Pizza Quest

PDF EBook by Natalie Vivien

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How many terrible blind dates would you go on before giving up?

Emily Capella is in her late forties and has been on so many bad blind dates—all set up by her best friend, Anna—that she's had enough. The Pizza Quest PDF EBook When Anna promises her that this woman isn't like the others, Emily finds it hard to believe. She's been on dates with all the wrong ladies—why would this one be any different?

But at first sight, Emily feels smitten by the lovely Judith. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a very easy date of pizza turns into something much more after a few disasters...

Can a terrible date still be wonderful if you're with the woman of your dreams?

"The Pizza Quest" is a sweet, romantic short story, and is approximately 6,000 words long (about an hour of reading or so). Like this book? Read online this: Blind date, Hi, Pizza Man!.

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