The Preparation of the Novel (1978-1979 and 1979-1980)

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A group of us go in two cars to the Waterfall (a pretty little valley on the way to Rabat). The Preparation of the Novel (1978- PDF1979 and 1979-1980) PDF EBook The same, uninterrupted sadness, a kind of listlessness that (since a recent bereavement) bears upon everything I do, everything I think. Return, an empty apartment, a difficult time: the afternoon (I'll speak of it again). Alone, sad. Marinade. I reflect with enough intensity. The beginnings of an idea: something like a 'literary' conversion-it's those two very old words that occur to me: to enter into literature, into writing; download; to write, as if I'd never written before: to do only that.Will I really write a novel? I'll answer this and only this. I'll proceed as if I were going to write one. Completed just weeks before his death, the lectures in this volume mark a critical juncture in the career of Roland Barthes, in which he declared the intention, deeply felt, to write a novel. Like this book? Read online this: Look, Think & Write, The Labour Party Since 1979.

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