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Yes, Mom. The Price PDF EBook I read this book in high school, in 11th grade Lit Classics with Mr. McCann.

I like to revisit books. I like to see how my understanding and appreciation can change over the course of time. The Price holds up to my first reading, but I think I got more out of it this time around.

Miller's use of language is no- PDFnonsense, straightforward, simple even. But the deliberate choice of words in dialogue (and stage direction/descriptions) renders poetic and deeply profound meaning. The Price is the story of two brothers getting rid of an attic full of their deceased father's possessions. Layers of hurt, resentment and fear are uncovered as the value of the past is negotiated.

The story for me is between Victor and Walter, their strained relationship and the way siblings are inextricably bound to one another. The most hearbreaking scene is when each brother is made aware of his refusal to admit accountability for how their lives turned out (especially Victor's), and their disparate interpretations and relationship with their father.

It's a really quick read, and I learned by living with theater people for four years that plays are best read out-loud.

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