The Prophecy (Jonathon Payne & David Jones, #5)

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Although it's difficult not to associate any novel of this genre to The Da Vinci Code (there is even a joke made about The Da Vinci Code in this book), the most notable thing about this one that sets itself apart from The Da Vinci Code is the fact that it's not about religion. The Prophecy (Jonathon Payne & download; David Jones, #5) PDF EBook So that was refreshing without deviating from the genre too much.

My main complaint is that the character development isn't great. I consider limited character development to be expected in a fast- PDFpaced novel - it's not really about the characters so I don't expect them to be very complex. But all the characters in this are constantly wise-cracking and joking around which starts to get a bit old and makes it difficult to distinguish characters from one another. The author attempts to set the characters apart by using black and white opposites (sometimes literally): Payne is a restless sleeper, Jones is a heavy sleeper; Payne is white, Jones is black. But ultimately, when one of them speaks, it could be either one of them speaking and I frequently had to double check which one of them it was. To a certain degree, this can be applied to practically every other character in the book too, especially when someone is wise-cracking. I think the author thinks he's very clever and witty with all the wise-cracks and while it's mildly amusing and keeps the mood light, it's not quite as hilarious as it's seemingly meant to be.

The author is very descriptive with all subjects, regardless of how small or large a role they play in the plot (buildings, guns, even Philly cheesesteaks) which suggests his research is thorough (but that doesn't mean you should take all his info about Nostradamus as fact). Pittsburgh and Philadelphia fans will probably love all the city descriptions and references. I was particularly pleased to see Willow Grove Airbase mentioned, as I myself am from around that area.

There are enough mentions of sports and guns (and usage of guns) to satisfy the more masculine side of a reader but also a budding romance to please your more feminine side.

The plot is very interesting so overall, it's an entertaining, action-packed, easy-reading page turner (enough adjectives for you?). I definitely kept wanting to find out what happens next and couldn't wait to find out what happens at the end. Though I was a little frustrated by the ending (I won't say more than that, don't want to add spoilers), I liked it enough that I'm interested in reading his previous novels.

Even Nostradamus skeptics should be able to enjoy this as fiction. I myself don't particularly have any kind of support for Nostradamus's "prophecies". But the author himself says this book was not written to change anyone's mind about Nostradamus and his "only goal was to entertain". Approach this book from that point of view and you should enjoy it! Like this book? Read online this: Memoirs of a trait in the character of George III. of these united kingdoms; authenticated by official papers and private letters in possession of the author, The Teachings of Maximilian David (David Family Saga: Bayou Billionaires Book 3).

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