The Psychology of Superheroes

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Unmasking superhuman abilities and double lives, this analysis showcases nearly two dozen psychologists as their essays explore the minds of pop culture's most intriguing and daring superheroes, including Spider- PDFMan, Batman, Superman, and the X-Men. The Psychology of Superheroes PDF EBook Exposing the inner thoughts that these reclusive heroes would only dare share with trained professionals, heady experts give detailed psychoanalyses of what makes specific superheroes tick while answering such questions as "Why do superheroes choose to be superheroes?" "Why is there so much prejudice against the X-Men" "mutants?" "What makes Spider-Man so altruistic?" and "Why are supervillains so aggressive?" Additionally, the essays tackle why superheroes have such an enduring effect on American culture.


- The positive psychology of superheroes by Christopher Peterson and Nansook Park
- The social psychology of the Justice league of America by Wind Goodfriend
- Superman's personality by Robin S. Rosenberg
- Anti-heroism in the continuum of good and evil by Michael Spivey and Steven Knowlton
- Positive psychology of Peter Parker by Robert Biwas-Diener
- Prejudice lessons from the Xavier Institute by Mikhail Lyubansky
- When I grow up I want to be a superhero by Bryan J. Dik
- Is there a superhero in all of us? by Peter A. Hancock and Gabriella M. Hancock
- Mind-reading superheroes by William J. Ickes
- An appetite for destruction by Chuck Tate
- The stereotypical (Wonder) woman by Chuck Tate
- What would Freud say? by Andrew R. Getzfeld
- Coming to terms with bizarro by Siamak Tundra Naficy
- Coping with stress ... the superhero way by Stephanie R. deLusé download;
- Arkham Asylum by Bradley J. Daniels
- The incredible Hulk by Christopher J. Patrick and Sarah K. Patrick
- Gender typicality and extremity in popular culture by Kerri L. Johnson, Leah E. Lurye, and Jonathan B. Freeman
- Cracking the superhero's moral code by Peter DeScioli and Robert Kurzban. Like this book? Read online this: Even Superheroes Get Diabetes, Even Superheroes Get Diabetes.

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