The Pull of the Moon

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Dr. The Pull of the Moon PDF EBook Danni Goodlove would like to blame everything on the moon. If it hadn't been full that night, maybe the emergency room would have been quieter. Maybe one of the E.R. doctors would've had time to patch up fire fighter Matt Creed. Maybe Danni could have stayed in Labour and Delivery where she belonged instead of attending Matt's injuries and struggling to control her own heart rate.

She might be able to blame that night on the full moon. But how could she explain what happened next? Matt's showing up at her medical convention in the Caribbean. His crazy proposal, her equally crazy acceptance and an unusual marriage ceremony followed by her new husband's tender lovemaking.

And now, just a the doctor's regaining her senses, she's having a baby . Like this book? Read online this: Burned at the Stake Joan of Arc How God saved her Her heart Remains Strong, The Power of Pull.

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