The Purpose of Boys

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Being a father of three daugthers, but one who works with young men in the Scouting program, I bought this book in hopes of understanding a bit more about the young men I work with. The Purpose of Boys PDF EBookI found much in the first half of the book to reinforce my concerns about the development of young men into responsible adults in our society.In the book, I found a few ideas that may help me in my work with these young men.Additionally, I thought many of the author's ideas (for example his sections on video games, screen time, etc.) apply equally well to girls.One of my favorite parts was his discussion of how video games create a false sense of accomplishment by stimulating the release of certain brain chemicals when the player beats a level in the game, when in fact the player has accomplished nothing real.A reasonably good book, much more interesting to me in the early chapters, as I had to work through the last chapters to finish this one. Like this book? Read online this: Young Indiana Jones and the Plantation Treasure (Young Indiana Jones, Book 1), Place in Purpose.

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