The Q Continuum

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I started this book highly eager to learn the important secrets of the continuum that the TV series and movies never addressed, but I was soon disappointed and angry at the slow pace, irrelevant detail, and poorly conveyed beloved characters (although this did improve as the book went on. The Q Continuum PDF EBook..and on, and on...).This book was nearly 600 Nook- PDFpages long.It could have easily been faster paced, and more informative about the Q continuum (which it wasn't at all) while still being hundreads of pages shorter. The author lost me so many times that it took me 6 weeks to read this.I might have given up entirely if it wouldn't have been wasted reading towards my Goodreads challenge.It sputtered back to life near the 500 page mark, but then failed me again.

While I really appreciated the tie-ins to post-NTG series and other nuances that only real fan would "get", these only served to hook me in at the begging of the book and leave me feeling tricked by the end.Reading this book felt like a cruel setup that I had to endure to get the few precious nuggets I was after.Only because of these nuggets, which are available nowhere else, and the tie-ins does this book get even 2 stars.Why did you do this to me Greg Cox? Like this book? Read online this: Marcus' Mortal Embrace (Book 3) (Book 3) (The Supernatural Desire Series), The Continuum Companion to Hume.

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