The Quest for Juice (Paranoia #1)

PDF EBook by Jonathan-David Jackson

EBook Description

Oscar has always lived a life of quiet paranoia, but now everything is changing. The Quest for Juice (Paranoia #1) PDF EBook Suddenly, the bus is frequently late, his housekey won't fit in the lock, and someone has taken his juice, which was the one thing holding his life together. He strikes back against the people behind it all, but when he strikes too hard an innocent man ends up dead, and Oscar ends up in jail, diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and facing life in a mental institution. On his journey to mental health and the truth, he has to make hard decisions about medication, trusting his own mind, dating a nurse, and whether that hedgehog can actually talk. Like this book? Read online this: Life Is Easy, I Just Decide It's Hard, Paranoia and Modernity.

The Quest for Juice (Paranoia #1) PDF download

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