The Rescue of Miss Yaskell

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Growing up with a family member who worked at the Times, I'm surprised I didn't get more gifts like this fantastic volume as a kid. The Rescue of Miss Yaskell PDF EBook NYT "Observer" columnist from 1962- PDF1998, this tome curated the best of Baker's columns from the early-to-mid 80s, a time when there seemed to be so much to laugh at—if for no other reason than to stifle the sobs. Baker never trifled with the real fights and controversies. You'll find no scathing criticisms of how New York Mayor Ed Koch swept the AIDS crisis in his city under an Upper East side rug. No, no...crit wasn't Baker's bag; download; humor was. He could be counted upon to make mountains out of mole hills when poking fun at the military in general and the arms race in particular ("Merrily We Pentagon"). He never missed an opportunity to make verbal mincemeat of the image-obsessed, New York snobs, or English grammar Nazis. His humor could even be warm and fuzzy, finding empathy in spots as tight as a sarcophagus ("No Rest for Old Pharaoh") or as airy as the world from which he hailed ("Making It Back in the Old Hometown"). The subtext always proclaimed that New York is a fast-moving place full of serious people, on serious business, and there was no time for tears. My only regret when reading these old inches is that I wasn't an adult New Yorker when they were being written by the old cog in the wheel himself. I could have used more laughter in my childhood, for sure...but Russell Baker helped. This sits at Book #8 on my list of 100 Books You Should Read Before You Die...just for the bloody hell of it. (That's #100BooksFTW if you're on Twitter). Like this book? Read online this: The Pentagon Chronicles, Miss Zukas and the Library Murders (Miss Zukas, #1).

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