The Rivals

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I think it was this reading of The Rivals at age seventeen that disabused me of the notion that people several centuries back were not as fond of being entertained as we are today. The Rivals PDF EBookPrior to that, I think I had lumped all things from earlier times into some great, depressing lump, sure that sinceour predecessors lacked modern conveniences that they must have found life a dreary affair indeed.

Sheridan's sparkling wit and exuberant language made short work of that notion.I've also retained a lifelong affection for Mrs. Malaprop (and, of course, for malapropisms - PDF my own contribution to the genre being, "it is a mere fig newton of your imagination" - but I guess that can't really be a malapropism since it's self conscious.Needless to say, I'm blissfully unaware of any real malapropisms I have committed!)

I seem to have read this immediately after Hamlet.Now there's a contrast for you! Like this book? Read online this: Great Things Will Happen Today, Beautiful Rivals.

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