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This book is a gem. The Roman Empire PDF EBook I did not expect a Very Short Introduction on the Roman Empire to tell me very much I didn't already know, so I took up this book mostly out of sheer curiosity, and boy, was I wrong. Kelly managed to write his text with dexterity, brio, in- PDFdepth forays into less known facets of the Roman world and facts that were little known to an informed amateur like myself and, I suspect, would be new for many a classicist. Among the things that he touches upon are the intricacies of provincial administration (the Roman Empire was remarkably undergoverned, the degree of independence of its provinces was unimaginable for any modern federal state), life expectancy and health issues of the general population, the ever-present historical dichotomy between the elite narratives (the bulk of the record available to us) and the unprivileged masses and their life; download; the various lessons derived from the Roman experience by subsequent empires, including the extremely divided attitude of the British (I assume the French, with their 'nos ancêtres les Gaulois' and their Romance language and customs were even more divided). Even on topics which I thought I knew pretty well, such as Mussolini's revamping of the Roman Imperial past and his abuse of history for political and urbanistic purposes, Kelly managed to say something new and surprising for me.

I can understand the disappointment of those who were looking for a very brief history of the Roman Empire, but, ma foi, it's better to read Wikipedia for this purpose.

My only personal qualm with the author is his misplaced grammar-Nazism: he avoids split infinitives like the plague, the results sometimes bordering on the incomprehensible, and chooses 'whom' over 'who' where the latter would have obviously been a better option. Like this book? Read online this: History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (Volumes 1 to 6), History And Activities Of The Roman Empire.

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