The Safe Shopper's Bible

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Anyone concerned about the health effects of ingredients in the items they buy every day — from soup to flea powder, mascara, or car wax — will find The Safe Shopper's Bible indispensable. The Safe Shopper's Bible PDF EBook Finally, here's a complete guide to settle such questions as: Can your hair coloring cause breast cancer? Is this brand of apple juice safe for babies? Will the additives in this salad dressing harm you? Which shampoo won't sting your eyes? The Safe Shopper's Bible rates thousands of household products, personal care products, foods, and beverages. Its extensive charts list products by brand name and rate them each for short- PDFterm and long-term health hazards. Readers can find out at a glance which products are more or less likely to provoke allergies or irritation, cause birth defects or cancer, trigger neurological problems, or pose other health hazards. In addition, the charts provide recommendations for the safest foods, toiletries, and everyday household purchases. Like this book? Read online this: How To Get And Promote Your First Affiliate Products, Shopper, Buyer, and Consumer Behavior.

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