The Search for the Green River Killer

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The really cool thing about this book is that it was written before Gary Ridgeway was ever caught and found to be responsible for the Green River killings. The Search for the Green River Killer PDF EBookWritten by two journalists who worked for The Seattle Times during the years that the murders were taking place, this is an account of the task force's efforts the catch the guy who was terrorizing prostitutes in Washington state back in the 80's. I found it fascinating to follow the investigation as it was happening, and before the authors, the police, or anyone else knew who the killer was.Gary Ridgeway was never spoken by name in the book, and was only mentioned briefly as "the truck painter", just one on a long list of possible suspects.

There was a short afterword added to the book in 2002 by the authors after Ridgeway was finally identified and caught, but before the trial played out.

Overall, an interesting, detailed, well- PDFwritten book! Like this book? Read online this: The book of authors, The River at Green Knowe (Green Knowe, #3).

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