The Secret Keeper (Daughter of the Game #2)

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In Daughter of the Game 1, Armand s love was deep, but Monique's lies cost him too much. The Secret Keeper (Daughter of the Game #2) PDF EBook..

In the highly anticipated sequel, his hate will be infinite and never again will he let a female come before the game... While Monique's walls are closing in, Armand is expanding his world tenfold. His mandate is to take over the streets, but his personal hunt is payback! With each inhale, Armand remembers every betrayal, records every disappointment, and marinates on every abandoned promise. It's time to go for self, especially if Monique will get hurt in the process...

Birth is the only access to the Water's drug empire. But Armand shatters the blood requirement, intent on making the Water s Legacy his next possession. Unlike Monique, Ricardo breathes the TW2 creed and will kill or die to preserve the family even if it means exterminating the family. Like this book? Read online this: Shadows in the Water (Starbuck Family Adventure, #2), Quest for the Secret Keeper (Oracles of Delphi Keep, #3).

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