The Secret Language of Knitters

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Moth noun: The devil incarnate, eater of both stash and finished objects. The Secret Language of Knitters PDF EBook Should be treated with a zero- PDFtolerance attitude.& download; quot; —The Secret Language of Knitters

* More than 140 terms, from acrylic to yarn porn, are collected and defined for America"s 60 million knitting-obsessed. 

From the 25-year-old hipster to her 85-year-old grandmother, more than a third of the women in the United States knit.

For the yarn-obsessed, Mary Beth Temple offers a glossary of knitting jargon and terminology in The Secret Language of Knitters with entries like:

* Design Elements noun: Mistakes. As in "The fact that one sleeve is five inches longer than the other is not a mistake, it is a design element."

* Stress Knitting noun: When the going gets tough, the tough get knitting.

With a universal affinity for cashmere and an absolute abhorrence of moths, veteran and beginning knitters alike will be certain not to cast off this humorous lexicon compendium. Like this book? Read online this: (Sexy Romance BOX SET) "Her Last Love Affair" & "Escape To Vegas" & "Loving Her Cowboy" & "Sex With The Billionaire", The Secret Language of Animals.

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