The Secrets of Pleasurable Weight Loss

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The key to losing weight is not about enjoying less, teaches Jena la Flamme, it s about enjoying more. The Secrets of Pleasurable Weight Loss PDF EBook This revolutionary insight has allowed thousands of Jena s students to lose weight without boring food plans, arduous calorie counting, or punishing exercise .With "The Secrets of Pleasurable Weight Loss," she presents a comprehensive guide to a graceful, feminine way for women to attain the body of their dreams. Jena s investigation into the real causes of women s weight issues has revealed that how you feel about your body matters more than what you eat .Since emotions like stress and shame flip all the biological switches that lead to weight gain, her approach starts with the mind helping you relax, build self- PDFesteem, and develop a sense of joy and trust in your body .With inspiration, recipes, and practical guidance for women of all ages and body types, Jena offers a new way of relating to food a natural, enjoyable, and lasting path for looking and feeling your best." Like this book? Read online this: 10 Low Calorie Flab Busting Salad Recipes For Detox & Weight Loss, Weight Loss Hormones.

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