The Seventh Season

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THE WORD OF GOD AGAINST THE WILL OF ROME In 67AD, Johanan – the adventurous young scribe of the Apostle Andrew – flees the siege of Caesarea on a ship sailing for Greece. The Seventh Season PDF EBook He is bound by oath to protect the Word of his master, no matter what pirates, fate or the gods of Olympus have in store for him. Onboard, he meets two people who will change his life... and the course of history. The first is a Roman General appointed to organise the Olympic Games at which the Emperor Nero will compete. The second is Dido, an enigmatic young woman from Alexandria who is carrying a cargo of secrets. To uncover the truth about her violent past, Johanan must first prove himself worthy of her trust. The Seventh Season is a romantic adventure in the classical tradition that takes readers on a thrilling journey through the ancient world. Translated by Kit Hudson from controversial texts by Emmanuel of Samaria, this historical epic gives an explosive eyewitness account of the biblical struggle between the dangerous new Christian religion and the Roman Empire at the height of its powers. Like this book? Read online this: The Mummy's Tomb (Choose Your Own Adventure: Young Readers, #24), The Seventh Stone.

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