The Shipwreck of Their Hopes

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After the near disastrous Union defeat at Chickamauga, the northern forces retreated to Chattanooga. The Shipwreck of Their Hopes PDF EBook Confederate troops encircled the city and held key heights. This book examines the situation from the beginning of the siege to the final Union victory.

We get a taste of the key figures in the fighting, including the internecine warfare among Confederate generals, with the tension between James Longstreet and Braxton Bragg being a fine example. On the Union side, General Rosecrans, after his defeat at Chickamauga, was finally relieved and General George Thomas ("the rock of Chickamauga" took over). To break the siege, the Union sent forces under Joseph Hooker (two corps from the Army of the Potomac) and forces under William T. Sherman. Overall command? Ulysses Grant was sent to Chattanooga to orchestrate an end to the siege.

The book covers in fine detail the breaking of the Confederate line to open "the Cracker Line" and end the serious food shortage afflicting the Union command. It discusses the near thing, when Hooker allowed his forces to become separated—but recovering to hold their line. Then, we see Sherman's inability to win the struggle at Tunnel Hill; download; we experience "the battle above the clouds," in which a ragtag force, with troops from a number of commands, capturing Lookout Mountain. Finally, the surge against Missionary Ridge where, seemingly against the odds, Thomas' forces scaled the heights and sent Bragg's army to flight.

Nicely detailed. The writing is functional but does not sing. There are enough maps to give a sense of the layout of the fighting. At the end of the text is the "order of battle," so the reader can keep straight to forces under each command.If interested in the fighting at Chattanooga, this is a good resource.
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