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I read this book over the last few days and was pretty riveted by it all the way through. The Sleeping Lady PDF EBook Graysmith's (author of "Zodiac") writing is not particularly great, and there are some awkward paragraphs I had to reread a couple of times before they made sense, but the research and pace at which the book moves is impressive. (I don't usually finish 400+ page books in a few days.)

I was a baby in Marin County when the Trailside Killer was raping and murdering women on Mt. Tamalpais (The Sleeping Lady), Pt. Reyes, and Santa Cruz. Growing up my Mom had mentioned to me what a terrifying time it was for everyone in Marin when David Carpenter was out stalking the trails. Both my parents had described a definite shift in tone of everyone in the town where we lived, Bolinas, a beach town situated below Mt. Tamalpais. Everyone felt helpless and at the mercy of an unknown person or persons. This book captures a lot of that paranoia experienced by a community that never really had to deal with the "big city" problems that San Francisco had to deal with. Graysmith explores the idea that the national parks themselves were being taken hostage by the Trailside Killer with the fear that kept hikers off Marin County trails for seasons at a time. After reading this book, I feel like a have a full picture of the crimes, the murderer, the era, and how he was able to elude police for so long as a parolee with a history of sex crimes.

DNA evidence, which wasn't available at the time the case against Carpenter was being built, has as recently as February 2010 linked him to another unsolved murder, the 1979 stabbing of a jogger in SF. He's now age 79 on death row at San Quentin.

This book is an incredibly interesting portrait of Marin County and San Francisco in the late 70s- PDFearly 80s. Like this book? Read online this: The Big Book Of Time Travel Romance (Includes: After Cilmeri, #0.5; Lost Highlander, #1; The McKinnon Legends, #1; Out of Time, #1; Time Walkers, #1), African Lady, Australian Lady.

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