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This book is an amazing jaunt through the world of the World's Game. The Soccer Book PDF EBook Football/Futbol/Soccer, whatever you think of it as is represented in great detail. David Goldblatt is a terrific explainer of a game that seems outwardly simple and yet can lose people with its stunning complexities. For me, this book was a fantastic refresher course. I thought I knew everything about the game, but Goldblatt filled in a lot of gaps I didn't even know I had. For example the Offsides rule. I've seen so many goals called back by officials without really understanding why. Through a brief yet thorough explanation of the law, I get it now. I may still disagree with the calls and disallowed goals, but at least I can trace what the referee was thinking when he called it.

Anyway, this is a great read for anyone who knows nothing of the sport or for those who think they know everything. There are a ton of pictures, historical stats and random trivia that will keep you going back to it as a reference. Like this book? Read online this: Duck Dynasty Trivia Game - Duck calls, Bandannas and Beards , The Soccer Fence.

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